Scheduled Areas in Odisha

  1. Mayurbhanj district
  2. Sundargah district
  3. Koraput district
  4. Kuchinda tahsil in Sambalpur district 
  5. Keonjhar and Telkoi tahsils of keonjhar sub-division, and champua and Barbil tahsils of Champua sub-division in Keonjhar district
  6. Khondmals tahsil of Khondmals sub-division, and Balliguda and G. Udayagiri tahsils of Balliguda sub-division in Boudh-khondmals district
  7. R. Udayagiri tahsil, and Guma and Rayagada Blocks of Parlakhemundi Tahsil of Parlakhemundi    sub-division, and Surada tahsil, exlcluding Gazalbadi and Gocha Gram Panchayats of Ghumsur sub-division, in Ganjam district
  8. Thuamul Rampur Block of Kalahandi Tahsil, and Lanjigarh Block, falling in Lanjigarh and Kalahandi tahsils, in Bhawanipatna sub-division in Kalahandi district
  9. Nilgiri Community Development Block of Nilgiri tahsil in Nilgiri Sub-division in Balasore district.


The Scheduled area in the State of Orissa was originally specified by the Scheduled Areas (Part A States) Order, 1950 (Constitution Order, 9) dated 23.1.1950 and the Scheduled Areas (Part B States) Order, 1950, (Constitution Order, 26) dated 7.12.1950 and has been respecified as above by the Scheduled Areas (States of Bihar Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Orissa) Order, 1977, (Constitution Order, 109) dated 31.12.1977 after rescinding the Orders citedearlier in so far as they related to the State of Orissa.