Scheduled Areas in Madhya Pradesh

  1. Jhabua district
  2. Mandla district
  3. Surguja district
  4. Bastar district
  5. Sardarpur, Dhar, Kukshi and Manawar tahsils in Dhar district  
  6. Barwani, Rajpur, Sendawa, Bhikangaon and Maheshwar tahsils in Khargone (West Nimar) district
  7. Khalwa Tribal Development Block of Harsud tahsil, and Khaknar Tribal Development Block of Burhanpur tahsil in Khandwa (East Nimar) district
  8. Sailana tahsil in Ratlam district
  9. Betul tahsil (excluding Betual Community Development Block) and Bhainsdehi tehsil in Betul district
  10. Lakhnadon tahsil and Kurai Tribal Development Block of Sconi tahsil in Sconi district
  11. Baihar tahsil in Balaghat district  
  12. Kesla Tribal Development Block of Hoshangabad tahsil in Hoshangabad district
  13. Pushparajgarh and Sohagpur tahsils, and Jaisingh Nagar Community Development Block of Beohari tahsil in Raigarh district
  14. Kusumi Tribal Development Block of Gopadbanas tahsil in Sidhi district  
  15. Jashpurnagar, Udaipur and Gharghoda tahsils, and Kharsia Tribal Development Block of Raigarh tahsil in Raigarh district

16.  Katghora tahsil and Marwahi Tribal Development Block, Gorella Tribal Development Block and Gorella Community Development Block, and Kota Revenue Inspector Circle of Bilaspur tahsil in Bilaspur district

  1. Dondi Tribal Development Block of Balod tahsil in Durg district  
  2. Manpur and Monla Tribal Development Blocks and Chowki Community Development Block of Rajnandgaon tahsil in Rajnandgaon district
  3. Gariaband, Mainpur and Chhura Tribal Development Blocks of Bindranawagar tahsil, and Sihawa Community Development Block of Dhamtari tahsil Raipur district  
  4. Karahal Tribal Development Block of Shcopur tahsil in Morena district  
  5. Tamia and Jamai Tribal Development Blocks, Patwari Circle Nos. 63 to 68 and Nos. 72 and 73 villages Seergaon khurd and Kirwani Of Patwari Circle No. 62. villages Mainawari and Gaulie Parasia of Patwari Circle No. 69 and village Bamhani of Patwari Circle No. 97 of Chhindwara tahsil Harral Tribal Development Block and patwari Circle Nos. 26,27,30,31,32,41 to 44,48,49,50-B,51 and 60 of Amarwara tahsil, Bichhua Tribal Development Block and patwari Circle Nos. 1 to 19,25 to 30, 32 to 37, village Nandapur of Patwari Circle No. 20 villages Nilkantha and Dhandikhapa of Patwari Circle No. 24, villages Ramudhana, silora and Jouri of Patwari Circle No. 31 and all villages, excluding village Muli of Patwari Circle No. 39 of Saunsar tahsil, of Chhindwara district.



The Scheduled Area in the State of Madhya Pradesh was originally specified by the Scheduled Areas (Part A States), Order, 1950 (Constitution Order, 9) dated 23.1.1950 and the Scheduled Areas (Part B States) Order, 1950. (Constitution Order 26) dated 7.12.1950 and has been respecified as above by the Scheduled Areas (States of Bihar, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Orissa) Order, 1977, (Constitution Order, 109) dated 31.12.1977 after rescinding the Orders citied earlier in so far as they related to the State of Madhya Pradesh.